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What are the advantages of listing on

With, you and your services are visible everywhere the ready-to-buy customer is looking:

Website website
  • Be found on one of the most popular websites in Switzerland
  • The complete directory of Swiss companies
  • Approx. 3 million users monthly
Mobile Apps Our mobile apps for smartphones/tablets
  • For all current smartphones: iPhone/iPad, Nokia Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7
  • over 2 million downloads
  • one of the the most popular apps in Switzerland
gedruckte Verzeichnisse Printed Directories
  • LocalGuide (starting in 2013), the big blue phone book, the Yellow Pages, the little yellow phone book (local)
  • Sent to almost every household and business in Switzerland
  • Over 80% of the population uses the phone book
andere Services Other services we provide with data
  • Twixtel
  • 1811/1818
  • many others

What's more, you will strengthen your presence in all these media/directories when you are listed in various categories or additional places.
Everything you need to know about

What exactly will I be charged for?

The primary listing in our directories (online, mobile apps, print) is free.
Additional listings are always subject to charge: You will be charged for the registration, modification and publication of your additional listings in the directories.

The following section on your Swisscom bill applies to (a more detailed explanation follows further below):
Swisscom bill

1. Do you have questions that were not answered by this FAQ page? You can reach us via e-mail or telephone.
2. Modification/adaptation to your additional listing. One time. 30 (business listing)/14.60 (private listing) per modification.
3. Publication of your additional listings in all directories. Annually as of the second year.*
4. Publication of your additional listings in all directories. Pro rata in the first year.*
5. Registration of your additional listings. One time. 30 (business listing)/14.60 (private listing) per additional listing.

*22.90 (business listing)/16.50 (private listing) per additional listing/year
 16.90 (business listing)/10.50 (private listing) per additional telephone number or e-mail

What do registration, modification and publication mean?

The primary listing for each location in our directories (online, mobile apps, print) is free. You can increase your presence with additional listings by choosing various categories or listing yourself in additional places.

We will charge you an additional one-time registration fee for these entries, a one-time modification fee for modifications and an annual publication fee for your constant presence in all directories (online, mobile apps, phone book).


Which of my listings am I being charged for?

Order an overview of your listings on here.

What will I pay to register or modify my listing? Registration of primary listing CHF 0.00
Modification of primary listing CHF 0.00
Registration of additional listing Business listing CHF 30.00
Private listing CHF 14.60
Modification of additional listing Business listing CHF 30.00
Private listing CHF 14.60

These prices will be charged for a new registration or an adaptation (modification) of an additional listing. You will be charged per listing and per

  • Address and primary telephone number
  • Additional telephone/fax number
  • E-mail address

These are one-time fees that will be charged on the next Swisscom bill following the new publication/modification. They cover the registration or modification for all media, but not the publication of your listing.

What will I pay to publish my listings?

The annual fees for publishing listings that are subject to charge covers your constant presence in all directories.

Amounts per calender year: Publication of primary listing CHF 0.00
Publication of additional listing Business listing CHF 22.90
Private listing CHF 16.50
Publication per additional number Business listing CHF 16.90
Private listing CHF 10.50
Publication per additional e-mail address Business listing CHF 16.90
Private listing CHF 10.50

These amounts cover the publication in all media, but not the one-time fee for registration or for a modification.

What does "pro rata publication" in the first year mean?

Your listings will run from 1 January to 31 December. Therefore, we will not charge you the full publication fee in the first year, rather only for the period between publication and 31 December.

Example: You order an additional business listing on 13 March. We will only charge you for the period of 13 March to 31 December. That is 293 days. Consequently, the amount owed is calculated as:
(293/365) * CHF 22.90 = CHF 18.38  

Billing and Date of Bill

I never signed a contract for the listings now being charged to me. How did this contractual relationship arise?

Contact is usually made by telephone, e-mail, fax or post. Once your chosen listings have been confirmed, you receive a written confirmation of your listings. From this time, a 14-day period applies in which you may cancel and/or amend the service in writing. The contract will take effect unless we hear otherwise from you.

Prior to 1 January 2011, you were billed for this service by Swisscom Directories AG. All Swisscom Directories AG products now appear under the brand.

The amount due to is under the heading " billing". Why? And how do I pay the amount?

The charge for services is included in the total stated on your Swisscom bill. When you pay your Swisscom bill, the bill is also paid automatically.

A monthly period has been noted on my Swisscom bill. Do I now have to pay the amount to monthly?

No. This amount is to be paid once (new registration or modification) or on an annual basis (publication). The monthly period indicated on your bill applies exclusively for Swisscom services (e.g., subscription, call charges) which are billed to you by Swisscom.

I have recently received a bill from Why have I received several bills?

Our services are divided into address listings (additional listings) and advertising. Charged at various times:

  Service Time Biller
Additional listing Registration/Modification Following receipt of the order Swisscom *
Publication in the first year Following receipt of the order (pro rata for the current year) Swisscom *
Publication as of the second year Telephone book publication date (annually) Swisscom *
Advertising see Service offers On a separate bill with date pursuant to the contract

*in exceptional cases the services can also be charged by

Your Data/Listings on

For which of my listings does my bill apply?

Order an overview of your listings on here.

My Swisscom bill includes a telephone number which is not allowed to be published. Will this number appear in the phone book?

Swisscom defines a telephone number as a billing number for your telephone subscription. This number does not necessarily have to be published in your listings.

Check your published listings online at or order an overview of your listings here.

How can I cancel individual services with

You can cancel individual additional listings or additional telephone numbers/e-mail addresses until no later than 31 October at the end of a calender year so that these services will not be published and charged again in the following year.

  • By e-mail:
  • By letter: Swisscom Directories AG, Schanzenstrasse 4c, 3008 Bern
  • By telephone: 0848 86 80 86 (CHF 0.08/Min.)
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