Is there any need for a paper phone book at all in the age of the Internet?

The first Swiss telephone directory was published in Zurich in 1880 and comprised just 130 customer listings.
By 1959, however, the number of listings in the phone book had breached the million mark.
Today, we have around six million listings.

When we see how much of the print media (daily papers, magazines, specialist journals) appears regularly on paper, even though content is often also available online, we believe that the traditional phone book will be around for a while yet. We produce the phone book for our customers and will continue doing so for as long as the demand is there.
The phone book finances itself through advertising, which enables us to offer a copy to every telephone subscriber free of charge.

The many comments alone that we receive from customers every day when new books are published show us how much the phone book is used. The MACH Consumer Study 2011 carried out by WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung indicates that more than 80% of the population use the phone book. Today, customers use several directories at the same time, depending on the situation – the phone book, online directories, mobile phone directories, etc.  It’s often quicker to just grab a book than to have to boot a computer, and not everyone has access to the Internet.

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