I can't activate MBA on my iPhone

This article is intended exclusively for customers who have purchased the MBA product!


To open the link which was sent to your iPhone by e-mail or text message, you must fulfil the following criteria:


  • You must have iOS version 5.0 or above on your iPhone. To find out which iOS version you currently have installed:

    Go to "Settings" and select "General" > "Info"


  • You must have version 4.20 of our app or above.

    To find out which version of the local.ch app you have, click on the Info button in the app:



If these criteria are met, please click on the link in the text message or directly in the e-mail (only works from the e-mail application on your iPhone). MBA should be activated in a matter of minutes.

Now search for your own listing. You can enter special offers immediately under "New offer".

If you are unable to activate MBA, please contact us directly, providing your address and telephone number: mba-support@local.ch

We will be pleased to help you with the installation.


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