All you need to know about notifications or push-messages

  • What is Notifications?

Notifications (also called push messages) help the MBA’s owner to better reach its customers. It means that we send an alert (which looks very similar to an SMS) to the users who follow your entry. The information is a short message with information about the just created MBA.

Thanks to notifications, all the people following your entry will get a notification 30 minutes after you create an offer, between 9am and 7pm. If you do not like how the offer looks like you can delete it within the first 30 minutes and create a new one. You will get an instant preview once you create the new offer (see image below). Only ONE offer can be pushed per day. 




  • Is the offer created visible within its first 30 minutes?

The offer is immediately published and visible by everybody. Nobody will receive a notification within that period though.


  • Is it possible to create an offer without having the notification 30 minutes later?

No. If the offer is created and is not deleted, the notification will be automatically sent 30 minutes after the creation to all the entry’s followers.


  • What should I or my customers do to be able to receive notifications? 

With an Android phone, notifications are automatic. You do not have to do anything special.

With iOS, you need to check that Notifications is enabled in the settings of the phone. 

If you do not wish to receive notifications any more, then you need to deactivate the notifications in the phone's settings.


  • How and when can I push a notification message to my customers? 

By creating an offer and having people following your entry (meaning your customers have added you into their favorites) you can send them notifications.

Notifications will be sent between 9am and 7pm. You can only send one notification per day.


  • How does the app user get a notification? How can I add an entry to my favorites?

If the app user has your business in his favorites, then he gets the notification you’re doing. 

To add a business into your favorites, you must click on the star in the business entry.


  • What happens if I create an offer but delete it just after? What happens if I create more than one special offer per day?

If the offer is deleted within 30 minutes, no notification will be sent.

If you delete an offer to create a new one instead, the most recent offer created within 30 minutes will be pushed. If you create many offers in a row, the most recent offer created within 30 minutes will be the one pushed. Once it gets pushed, no more notification will be sent the same day.

If you create an offer after 7pm it will be sent at 9am the next day, and it will count as if you made a notification that next day already (so no more notification possible for that day).


  • How many characters top in a notification message?

The notification message will only show the title of the offer to every follower. Try to make it short and straightforward for your customers (4 words is recommended). Then the message of the offer (the advanced description of the offer) can comprise 300 characters maximum (space included). 


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