How do I change my position on the map?

How do I change my position on the map?

- Go to and search for your address

- Click on "Change position on the map" underneath your listing

- Drag the pin to the correct position

- Enter a valid email address

- We will send an email to this address. Please click on the link in this email to confirm your change. If this was successful, you will see the message: Success! Your change has been submitted for review, which may take up to maximum 2 business days until it's visible on


Click here to see a short visual tutorial that takes you through the individual steps. Changing your position is free.


What can I do if my house or building is not shown on the map?

Maps cannot always keep up with the rate at which the landscape changes. You can still select your actual location (e.g. a field) if your house or building is not shown on the map. Your position will automatically be included when the map is later updated.


When will my new position appear online?

Your new position is usually updated within 2 business days, after it is checked and approved. We will contact you personally if there is a problem verifying your new position.


Do I need a password to change my position on the map?

No, you do not need a password. You only require a valid email address to confirm your changes.


Can I cancel a change?

We will send you an email with a link to confirm your change. If you do not click on the link in the confirmation email, your position on the map remains unchanged. If you have already clicked on the link to confirm the new position, you must go through the entire process again to change your position on the map.


What happens if someone intentionally submits an incorrect change?

We check all changes and compare these to listings. Your position is not changed if we detect abuse. Misuse of this service can be punishable by law.


How can I change a street name?

Find out how to report a change to a street name or route here.




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