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Street View on


Google Street View facilitates navigation on and offers a better search-and-find function.

This is particularly useful for finding

  •  a company
  •  a small commercial business  
  •  a restaurant

Such addresses/locations are available on in the Yellow Pages, which is why limits itself to these listings for the Street View function.

 In the Yellow Pages, you have a choice of three views above the map:

  •  Road map
  •  Aerial view
  •  Street View

Simply click on Street View and will display the environment of the chosen search result in real-life pictures (provided Street View is available for the region).
To navigate, use the control function at the top left of the map or double-click the desired location on the map.




Street View: a feature of Google Maps

Street View is a Google feature for Google Maps.

As uses Google Maps, Street View can also be used at

Street View can be handy when faced with any of the following questions:

  • Where are parking spaces, and how many are available?
  • Where can I unload/load up?
  • Is the hotel located right on the lake or is it perhaps on a road with passing traffic?
  • Where is the main entrance of a large building complex?
  • Where is the nearest bus or tram stop?

More information on Street View is available here:  Google Street View  

If you wish to make your address – or the address of a property related to you – anonymous, Google has created an online form for this purpose.
Follow this link: Google Maps Privacy closely follows the public debate about Street View and believes that Google meets all requirements and therefore the expectations of data protection.

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